List of Scotiabank Branches and ATMs in Quebec, Canada

Scotiabank is Canada’s oldest bank, having been founded in 1817. The firm provides personal and commercial banking services as well as wealth management and business banking.

Scotiabank has branches all around the world, including in the United States. Scotiabank is recognized for providing excellent customer service throughout Canada.

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You can be confident that with Scotiabank, you will receive the best level of service from any major Canadian bank. Scotiabank has been one of Canada’s five largest banks. The institution provides a variety of personal, commercial, and business banking services.

In the case of a currency devaluation, money transfers, foreign exchange services, and remittances are all examples of such techniques. Scotiabank is an excellent alternative for overseas workers who wish to send money to their relatives due to its worldwide network and commitment to superior client service.

Many OFWs live and work in Quebec, which is a province of Canada. It’s important to know where their branches and ABMs are, as well as other essential information. Scotiabank offices in Quebec with the corresponding ABM machines are listed below. To make locating the correct branch or ABM machine easier for you.


List of Scotiabank Branches in Quebec, Canada

Below is the list of Scotiabank Branches and ATMs found in Quebec, including their address location. So it will be easier for you to check if the branch is in your area, please do a “CTRL+F” search on your keyboard and type the bank name or location.

Place Quebec
Address: 900 BOUL RENE LEVESQUE EST, SUITE 100, Quebec, Quebec G1R 2B5, CANADA
P: 418-691-2600 F: 418-691-03000.8 KM

Address: 5580, BOUL. DES GRADINS, Quebec, Quebec G2J 1R7, CANADA
P: 418-626-4015 F: 418-626-58995.8 KM

Address: 755 RUE CLEMENCEAU, Quebec, Quebec G1C 7T9, CANADA
P: 418-667-6060 F: 418-667-62986.3 KM

St. Romuald
Address: 1244 Rue de la Concorde, Levis, Quebec G6W 0M7, CANADA
P: 418-839-5166 F: 418-839-92779.9 KM

Ste- Foy
Address: 1440 AV JULES-VERNE, Quebec, Quebec G2G 2V6, CANADA
P: 418-872-5115 F: 418-872-527011.3 KM

Address: 900 BOUL RENE-LEVESQUE, Drummondville, Quebec J2C 8A4, CANADA
P: 819-472-9150 F: 819-472-9144143.1 KM

Address: 300 Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec J3H 3N7, CANADA
P: 450-446-6071 F: 450-536-7758206.5 KM

Address: 451 RUE DES MIGRATEURS , Terrebonne, Quebec J6V 0A8, CANADA
P: 450-585-3430 F: 450-585-2323214.5 KM

Address: 1070 RUE LIONEL-DAUNAIS, Boucherville, Quebec J4B 8R6, CANADA
P: 450-655-1006 F: 450-655-7720218.6 KM

Address: 12595 rue sherbrooke est , POINTE AUX TREMBLES, Quebec H1B 1C8, CANADA
P: 514-640-9035 F: 514-645-0828219.4 KM

Address: 258 MONTEE MASSON, Mascouche, Quebec J7K 3B5, CANADA
P: 450-474-7575 F: 450-474-0917221.3 KM

Address: 2235 ROLAND-THERRIEN BOULEVARD, Longueuil, Quebec J4N 1P2, CANADA
P: 450-647-4770 F: 450-647-3094224.7 KM

Address: 7400 BOUL DES GALERIES D’ANJOU, Anjou, Quebec H1M 3M2, CANADA
P: 514-493-3770 F: 514-493-9487226.2 KM

Address: 75 CANADA ROAD, Edmundston, New Brunswick E3V 1V4, CANADA
P: 506-739-7358 F: 506-737-1920226.3 KM

Plaza Langelier Val Marie
P: 514-321-8788 F: 514-321-7599227.9 KM

Solar Uniquartier
Address: 5955 boul. du Quartier , Brossard, Quebec J4Z 0R8, CANADA
P: 450-926-3611 F: 450-926-9606228.8 KM

Address: 2151 BOUL LAPINIERE, Brossard, Quebec J4W 2T5, CANADA
P: 450-672-4570 F: 450-672-9645229.3 KM

St. Lambert
Address: 425 VICTORIA AVENUE, Saint-Lambert, Quebec J4P 2J1, CANADA
P: 450-465-3265 F: 450-465-1482229.7 KM

Brossard Dix/30
Address: 7240 BOUL DU QUARTIER SUITE 5, Brossard, Quebec J4Y 0B5, CANADA
P: 450-923-3003 F: 450-923-3040229.8 KM

Saint Jean Sur Richelieu
Address: 190, Boul. Omer-Marcil, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec J2W 2V1, CANADA
P: 450-348-4377 F: 450-348-6510

List of ABMs in Quebec, Canada

Place Quebec
Address: 900 BOUL RENE LEVESQUE EST, SUITE 100, Quebec, Quebec G1R 2B5, CANADA0.8 KM

Address: 333 RUE SAINT-AMABLE, Quebec, Quebec G1R 5G2, CANADA1.4 KM

Address: 515 BOUL ALPHONSE-DESJARDINS, Levis, Quebec G6V 5T3, CANADA2.4 KM

Address: 1805 1RE AV, Quebec, Quebec G1L 4Y5, CANADA2.9 KM

Address: 750 BOUL CHAREST O, Quebec, Quebec G1N 2C5, CANADA2.9 KM

Address: 100 BOUL WILFRID HAMEL, Quebec, Quebec G1M 2S2, CANADA3.2 KM

Address: 1655 AV D ESTIMAUVILLE, Quebec, Quebec G1J 5A9, CANADA3.3 KM

Address: 70 RTE DU PRESIDENT-KENNEDY, Levis, Quebec G6V 6C6, CANADA3.5 KM

Address: 3240 1RE AV, Quebec, Quebec G1L 3P9, CANADA4.2 KM

Address: 470 AV SAINT-SACREMENT, Quebec, Quebec G1N 3Y3, CANADA

Address: 2800 RUE CHAMPFLEURY, Quebec, Quebec G1J 5G4, CANADA

Address: 7500 BOUL DE LA RIVE-SUD, Levis, Quebec G6V 6S5, CANADA

Address: 3475 BOUL STE-ANNE, Beauport, Quebec G1E 3L5, CANADA

Address: 3190 RUE ALEXANDRA, Quebec, Quebec G1E 6W2, CANADA

Address: 610 BOUL PIERRE-BERTRAND, Montreal, Quebec G1M 3A3, CANADA

Address: 4660 AV DE GAULLE, Quebec, Quebec G1H 4J2, CANADA

Address: 47850 AV 3E O, Quebec, Quebec G1H 6G1, CANADA

Address: 2155 CH SAINTE-FOY, Quebec, Quebec G1V 1S1, CANADA

Address: 5580, BOUL. DES GRADINS, Quebec, Quebec G2J 1R7, CANADA

Address: 755 AVENUE CLEMENCEAU, Beauport, Quebec G1C 7T9, CANADA

One of the most vital aspects to remember is that Scotiabank does have its costs that other banks may not charge, so be sure to read the fine print before opening a bank account. Overall, for your financial requirements, Scotiabank is an excellent option.


One of the reasons why Scotiabank is such a wonderful bank is its dedication to assisting newcomers and OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) in establishing themselves in Canada. The bank has a new immigrant To-Do list on its website, which assists immigrants in planning what needs to be done to open a bank account, obtain a credit card, and so on.

The bank also offers special newcomer programs such as waiving fees for the first year, free safety deposit box rental for the first year, and a special welcome rate on term deposits. All of these services make Scotiabank a great choice for those looking for a new place to do their banking.

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