6 Reasons Why You Must Cisit the Banff National Park

“Simplicity marks the origin of Banff”. In 1883, three railway workers discovered a natural hot spring on the slopes of Canadian Rocky Mountains which gave birth to the Banff National Park.

In Canada, this park is really famous and a must visit. Why? Here are the reasons why people are visiting the said park.

banff national park

1. The natural scenery of the park is magical

Banff is the world’s first national park service and part of UNESCO’s Canadian Rocky Mountain World Heritage site. At first, Banff’s was a 26-kilometers hot spring reserve. But now, the park consists of 6,641 kilometers with mountain scenery located in the heart of Canadian Rockies. Banff, which is the highest town in Canada, has an impressive elevation of 4,540 feet.

2. The exciting mountain hiking can be exhausting but worth it

With the high elevation, you can do a lot of fun filled activities and adventures. Of course there are varieties to choose from.

You can do and have fun under with the green scenery while playing the sport of golf at Golf Canada’s West or at the Fairmount Banff Springs Golf Course. You and your family or friends can also hike to clear your mind and unwind while the wind is hitting up your body. The area around the Moraine Lake offers an easy access for hiking or walking. You can also have a private tour in the Canadian Rockies or discover the Banff Tours. The area of Banff National Park has mountain and walking trails that are easy and convenient for the hikers. With the great slopes and high mountains, you can enjoy skiing too. Guys and rods, they will always be together so if you are one, then don’t worry because Banff National Park also offers fishing.

3. The spa, massage, and spring pampering you

Want to relax and unwind? The park also has hot springs that can be good for your overall well-being. You can soak all day if you want in the Radium Hot Spring or Miette Hot Spring. Likewise, you can indulge in body massages and facial care in their Pleiades Massage and Spa.

4. A glimpse of the historical museum to keep you informed

Get in touch with the history of the place, and visit the museum for additional knowledge and information regarding the culture and the history. You can visit a variety of museums like Archeology in Banff National Park, Whyte Museum – Canadian Rockies and a lot more.

5. Various tour packages to choose from

There are summer tours offered. This includes the Columbia Icefield Tours, Scenic Walks on the Columbia Icefield, Evening Wildlife Tour and Cruise and so many others to choose from. Of course, if there are summer tours there are also winter tours. This includes the Johnston Canyon Walk, Lake Louise and the Icefields and etc.

6. The celebration of Legacy Trail

During the year 2010, the park celebrated its 125th year, which paved way to creation of Banff Legacy Trail, a non-motorized, paved trail just like cycling, in-line skating and walking. The celebration was about the unspoiled ecosystems in the world. The 16-mile long runs along the Trans-Canada 1 and the wildlife fence from the park’s East Gate to the Bow Valley Parkway.

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