Top 5 Reasons why Pinoys Go to Canada for Work

Canada is one of the top destinations for overseas Filipino workers and immigrants, as well. Leaving homeland is not easy but, with the current situation, one is enticed to work and live in Canada. Here are the top 5 reasons why Pinoys go to Canada for work:



1. Unstable economic condition

The Philippines’ current economic status is still unpredictable. Government officials may be boasting of better economic situation now, but it is still not felt by the ordinary Filipino workers. Prices of basic needs are still high yet the salary remains. Corruption among politicians is still evident and no progress of improvement of life has been felt by the Filipinos. This is one reason why Filipinos would opt to work in other developed countries like Canada. Categorically, it is really frustrating to work and pay taxes knowing that some government officials are not using the people’s money wisely.

2. Contractual employment

This is one sad truth that exists in local employment, though this is beneficial to the business sectors. Local employers hire workers that are on contractual basis from 3 to 6 months. After this, workers may be terminated since the contract has also ended. Otherwise, the worker will turn into a regular employee that could mean the employer is obliged to give the rightful benefits to the employee. While contractual employment is also practiced in Canada, at least, OFWs are still paid higher compared locally. And in Canada, although a contract employee, you have a good chance of finding another employer quickly unlike in the Philippines.

3. High job qualifications required by local employers

Let’s face it, local employers are employing the ones who are young, ages 20-35, height of least 5 feet tall, or those graduates from the most prestigious schools in the Philippines. Some local employers have high standards when selecting a worker that doesn’t even have a big importance on the position. In other countries like Canada, age isn’t really a big factor. If a candidate is qualified and can still do the job required, he is considered employable.

4. Homesickness minimized

Today OFWs can be found almost anywhere in the world. In Canada, there is a growing number of Filipinos who are working in the restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and even in the corporate world. Also, OFWs can join the Filipino community in their areas to ease loneliness. Of course, it is better to have friends from the same place you came from and speak in Filipino language.

Bonding with fellow OFWs and sharing each story can somehow enlighten the longing of one’s family. Also, with the fast paced world we are in, internet and WiFi access is readily available and phone call rates are cheaper. Thus, communication is more convenient nowadays.

5. Less pollution and clean surroundings

Unlike for most cities in the Philippines, Canada has an electric-powered transit system that helps minimize pollution in the roads. It is important to have clean surroundings because it also affects the health of the workers. The unending traffic jam in Manila, for example, can even cause stress to the people before or after work hours. Breathing clean air has a great value for each person’s healthy lifestyle. It would be great to both live and work in a clean environment, right?

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