Top 10 Tourist Spots in Canada

Think traveling to the United Kingdom or United States is too mainstream? Why not take a tour at Canada? It is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and thus visiting here would be a great and unforgettable trip. Not to mention, it is jam-packed with awesome and intriguing tourist attractions, such as:


Major Attractions in Canada

1. Niagara Falls

The world famous Niagara Falls is composed of three large waterfall, namely American, Bridal Veil, and Horseshoe Falls. Take the Maid of the Mist boat cruise to explore the huge falls up close. Expect to slightly get wet, while feeliing the cool breeze of the wind.

niagara falls

2. Banff National Park

One of the oldest national parks in the world, the Banff National Park definitely a wondrous utopia set majestically in the Canadian Rockies. Here, you can take a dip at the Banff Upper Hot Spring and enjoy the view of the alpine forest. Moreover, you can experience the world class horseback rides that you’ve never encountered before.


3. CN Tower

One of the world’s tallest tower, the CN ( Canadian National) Tower has beckons throngs of visitors ever yday due to its extremely high structure and amazing architectural design. Tourists are encouraged to try the EdgeWalk and walk around the roof of the main pod as well as dine in at the 360 Restaurant, which is directly below it.

4. Canada’s Wonderland

The largest theme park in the country, Wonderland features four sections with different adventures. For kids, Planet Snoopy is the newest additional section to the many fun rides and shows present. For water enthusiasts, spend time at the Splash Works for a great water adventure.


5. Toronto Zoo

Tagged as the largest zoo in Canada, the Toronto Zoo is home to a variety of animals that are cared by experts to preserve the animals’ natural habitat. Some animals are displayed at different levels for viewing. This site is great for educational tours for students.

Want a photo with the panda? Just keep your distance, and he’d sure make a great background.

toronto zoo

6. Notre-Dame Basilica

The basilica is a national historic site in Canada that reveals a Gothic architecture standing firmly. It also has a breathtaking interior design that features a grand blue ceiling with golden stars. What’s more, the church is equipped with a number of religious statues and other sacred decorations.

notre dame montreal

7. Science World

Managed by a non-profit organization, it is a science center that conducts further studies of the advancement of science. State-of-the-art facilities are used to present exhibits and displays of diverse interactive topics relating to science and technology.

science world

8. West Edmonton Mall

Yes, many may just skip the shopping centers during your trip o Canada, but this mall is unique among others. Here, you can actually surf because it houses the world’s largest indoor pool. Furthermore, as the world’s largest indoor amusement park, you can actually play hockey, hang out with the penguins, and ride the roller coaster. Not your ordinary shopping mall, right?

9. Butchart Gardens

Green grass and colorful flowers lie in the Gardens that offer a beautiful sight to the visitors. The Ross Fountain dances with illuminating lighting effects to entertain guests during the night. Trust me, The Sunken Garden is indeed splendid!

butchart gardens

10. Old Quebec

Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the historic neighborhood of Old Quebec still preserves the natural history of the place. The famous City Hall still stands greatly with its castle-like structure. Peaceful and organized, the town is carefully maintained by its citizens.

old quebec castle

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