Services by the Philippine Consulate in Canada and Overseas Labor Office

Canada has been home for many OFWs and migrants. Filipinos have been in this country for decades and Filipino workers population continuously increasing from time to time. If you are in Canada and wish to process any Philippine government related documents, you can go directly to the Consulate to help you out.

Below are the services offered by the Philippine Consulate Vancouver.

canada philippine embassy

Vancouver Philippine Embassy

  1. Passport – Application for New Passport / Renewal / Amendment / Replacement
  2. Civil Registry – Report of Birth , Report of Marriage or Report of Death
  3. Visa Application – Non-Immigrant Visa / Temporary Business Visitor’s Visa / Temporary Visitor’s Visa / Student Visa / immigration Visa / Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV) / Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)?
  4. Notarials & Authentication – Import Permit for Pets / Health Certification for Pet / Shipment of Human Remains / Certification / Authentication of PRC License
  5. Dual Citizenship
  6. Issuance of NBI Clearance
  7. Registration of Overseas Absentee Voter

The Philippine Consulate General – Vancouver

Address: World Trade Center Office Complex 999 Canada Place, Suite 660 Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3E1 – Location Map
Phone: (604) 685-1619 or (604) 685-7645 Fax: (604) 685-9945
Hours: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday) & 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (every last Friday of each month)​ Exc Holidays

Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) – Canada

POLO is ready to assist you with any labor-related issue or inquiries. You may refer to below services that their office offers.

Services Offered:

  • Verification of Employment Contract
  • OWWA membership / Renewal Requirements
  • Issuance of OEC
  • OFW Information Sheet

Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
World Trade Centre Office Complex
999 Canada Place, Suite 611, Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6C 3E1
Tel. No.: (604) 641-1234
For emergency, call the POLO hotline (604) 767-3352

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