7 Amazing Things at West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is a one-of-a-kind shopping center that brings pride and joy to all the Canadians. After all, it is one of the largest and most popular malls in the North America. With more than 800 stores and services, there are surely a lot of joys, pleasures, bangs and attractions in the area.

Planning a visit to this awesome mall? You certainly need to lookout for these attractions to make your visit worthwhile.

1. Galaxyland

Experience the thrill and excitement at this indoor amusement park in the mall, which features more than 24 rides and play areas. The thrilling Fun House and Haunted House is also found here where people can visit and be entertained with the activities offered.

2. World Waterpark

This boasts the largest indoor wave pool, with over 17 water slides that are definitely worth a try. As far as I know, Tsunami is the newest attraction in the place. It is a simulated attraction that allows you to surf endlessly. The Hurricane, a new addition to the aquaventure in the World Waterpark, is an inflatable ball within a ball with water that rotates. You enter the ball, and you can slide and glide while the ball spins. It is the first in Canada and a must-try of everyone.

3. Marine Life

Explore and get up close with the sea creatures at Marine Life. The underground aquarium is the home of 100 species of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, sharks, penguins and the like. Sea Lion’s Rock is the home of sea lions which perform daily to entertain guests.

4. Ice Palace

Pay a visit to the glittering glass dome of West Edmonton Mall called Ice Palace. Fun activities involving ice can be done here, such as figure skating, ice hockey, you name it.

5. Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf

Feel like a pro in this miniature golf located in the mall. You don’t need to travel far because West Edmonton Mall offers golfing activities for the kids and for the whole family too. With its caricatures and colorful atmosphere, you will surely enjoy this stop at the West Edmonton Mall.

6. Santa Maria

Climb aboard in the exact replica of the famous ship of Christopher Columbus. Learn more about its history without having a yawn. This is the perfect venue for a themed party or your dream wedding reception. Cool, isn’t it?

7. Galaxy Quest 7D Experience

Experience the excitement of the shooting gallery and the thrill of the roller coaster without leaving your seat. This place is equipped with the latest laser technology, a surround sound and 3D effects that will knock you out of your seat.

You can also book special events and birthdays in the Galaxyland, Marine Life, Ice Palace and at Santa Maria. Contact them for more information.

Visit and explore the beauty and uniqueness of West Edmonton Mall, where fun and leisure is at your grasp.

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